For all who want to know the new. This does not mean, however, that we want to create here in music news magazine. Instead, we want to create an opportunity for interested people to stop by and see if we have snapped up interesting sites on the web that are worth being communicated. No more... but also no less!!! We will endeavour to stay up to date, promised.

We also want to keep our audience informed about the latest news about our radio.

We hope, of course, also to your lively sympathy and cooperation via Facebook and e-mail through your feedback.

Newsletter since September 2018

January 2020

Throughout January 2020, we have ranked between 300 and 1000th place (depending on the time of day and day of the week). This can be seen and motivates tremendously for all the tasks ahead.

But it won't be easy, because Bongocero in particular has to step up considerably from December to the middle of this year due to health problems. But don't worry, it will be besides the necessary therapy 'every last and complaint-free minute to stay up to date, especially in terms of music. This means that upcoming releases have been tinkering with for weeks. The soonofens to the domino days at the beginning of March should then be ready. It is only possible in slow but steady steps and recovery takes precedence.

The rest of the team is professionally stretched until the stop.

September - December 2019 

The time of the dry summer hole has passed!!!

Due to transmission/reception problems, server changes and a general slump, we have been quite stricken throughout the summer. But from October it went up again and we were able to maintain our place among the front 10% of all stations. In the meantime, 7,500 stations are listed there. In December, RadioDomino set the monthly listener record of July 2018.

In the late year, all genres were served with powerful releases.

The new channel "DominoNostaglia" with music of all genres from the golden 20s to the end of the 90s was launched by us at There is still work to be done in 2020. The response so far has been meagre, but we are confident that things will get better. The programme for real nostalgics is ideal and also adapted to this.


In the years, it was decided to try again this time after the failed "radionomy" adventure in 2018 to install two more IceCast channels on Shoutcast. It is "DominoShowtime", the successor to "RadioDomino+", and a channel for the younger generations called "DominoFlashlight". More information under "Our channels" on this website!!!

Otherwise, the whole year was rather mixed compared to the previous year. The figures and the outlook were much rosier than in 2019. However, it should be noted that only one channel was "online" throughout the year. In 2018, most of the domino essays were at times 5 dominoes. Overall, however, a step forward has been taken again.

Here is an excerpt from the statistics:

- nearly 40,000 sessions/anno - all accounts
- nearly 60,000 listening hours/anno - 1 channel + Sound/MixCloud
- predominantly at the front 15% for (internal ranking)

Country ranking (all channels + Sound/MixCloud)

1. Germany                                                                                           45%
2. United States/Canada                                                                    30%
3. Middle East and Middle East (multiple countries)                    10%
4. Latin America, South and East Europe (multiple countries)    10% 
5. Far East (several countries) and Russian Federation                 5%

On our website we counted about 2,000 new visitors.

On SoundCloud there are almost 4,000 listeners for 2019.

However, due to the huge increase in the number of channels in general and our very specific professional and private constraints, the year has been satisfactory and is not expected to change significantly for 2020 for the reasons mentioned above. Anything else would be a huge surprise. 

We therefore also save ourselves the formulation of ambitious targets and are already satisfied if we can continue in the same way.

April - August 2019 

RadioDomino grooves its way through the summer hole!!!

As every year, it's gone a bit quiet at in the warm season-that's normal. Therefore, for the time being, no other major releases!!! But no panics. Thousands of new and older hammer titles are waiting for our listeners in the current program. Boredom is therefore an absolute foreign word with us. We hold the position at in the front 5-15% (place 200 to 800) although now the number of radio stations continues to grow steadily and estimated at about 5,000 ... 6,000 is likely to be. That is why it can be said that we have been able to maintain our position for more than 12 months. This is already very good and motivating for the coming late year.

On the whole, however, it should be noted that, for various reasons, we had to scale back our radio activities. One is constantly on the road throughout Europe, the other is doing a new job and has to give absolute full throttle there and the third party in the bunch has sold his company and is on further training for the next 10 months. That's quite neat and also very varied ... And we also have a private life.

March 2019 

The Domino's Days from March 9th to 11th were a complete Success and gave us a small hearing record on March 10 just in time for the two-year Birthday.
That is why thank you again to all "Domino's listeners"

February 2019 

Our new channel concepts were presented in detail via Facebook posts. In addition, as usual, individual updates of the music repertoire were carried out using smaller uploads and releases. The Domino's Days program has been incorporated and various different program structure plans have been drawn up. These will be used weekly. In addition, the new program structure for the summer was defined with "Summer-Jam" and was planned for next Christmas.

January 2019 

On the one hand, it took stock of SoundCloud and Web activities. On the other hand, the course was set for 2019/2020. We had counted over 6,000 visitors at SoundCloud in 12 months. More than 3,500 visitors gathered on our homepage during the same period. We find, "This can be seen!!!" for a dwarf transmitter. In the future, the Shoutcast channels should first rest and stay offline. The Plus channel should be given another chance and reactivated. Concepts for this are currently being developed. In terms of music, as usual, there were several large "general releases" with numerous promos, chart music but also insulted classics of all genres. Larger releases aren't planned too many this year. Rather, the status quo is to be revised, i.e. it is sorted out and changed, also programmatially – a small break with consolidation character due to the rapidly growing music pool of over 10,000 tracks. Of course, however, the repertoire will continue to be updated daily if necessary. Several different specials are planned for the coming spring-see the weekly program at !!!

November 2018 

Due to family and professional obligations, all activities have been discontinued until further notice. Program specials have nevertheless been firmly planned and will be announced in time on social media, even on a given occasion, as usual. In addition, there was already a rough preliminary info in the Okt/Nov.

October 2018 

With new uploads, the program has been expanded by 10-15% and refreshed considerably by highly topical music. This applies to almost all genres and all channels. In addition, the coarse structure for autumn and Winterprograms has already been established. This applies in particular to our program specials. The audience resonance ranges from moderate to very good at Radio Domino via The other channels are currently virtually ignored. However, these are currently not promoted at all. The exception is our SoundCloud account. There the number of visitors and listening time is still exceptionally good. The same applies to our homepage there, the number of visitors in the last 3 months has almost been shot up.

September 2018

The bandwidth of the 3 Shoutcast channels has been extended by one size. In addition to 128kbit/s, these can now also be received with 320kbps/S. In the next few months, the listing will finally continue to operate in the future. In the most diverse sources, new, up-to-date and original music was searched for and thus the second season was prepared. In addition, the YouTube was built up and released first videos, but with disappointing results. Activities in this regard will therefore be reduced to the very least in the future.

Annual Review 2017/2018

The first year "RadioDomino" has been over and many projects have been addressed and expanded:

1. 24/7 broadcast with Radio Domino at from 17.3.2017
2. Three shuffle stations at SHOUTcast
3. An Icecast transmitter at radionomy
4. A 3-language website with numerous partner links
5. Facebook and Twitter accounts
6. Listing on nearly 20 radio networks
7. Create and post remixes at SoundCloud and MixCloud

Extract from the statistics:

- Nearly 65,000 sessions/year        -  all accounts
- Nearly 95,000 hours/year             - 5 Channels + Sound/Mix-Cloud
- Predominantly front 20-30% at (internal ranking)

Country ranking (all Channels + Sound/Mix-Cloud)

1. Germany                                                                                                      50%
2. United States/Canada                                                                               30%
3. Orient and Middle East (several countries)                                           10%
3. Far East (several countries) and the Russian Federation                     5%
4. Latin America, South and East Europe (several countries)                   5S

When you consider these are really numerous Distribution options (also through the numerous links). In terms of handsets, the success rate is quite dürfig at first glance, measured at the expense. There is an over-supply of suppliers, and the consumer also has problems to set them-selves definitively. For example, only Shoutcast 50,000 transmitters are on the start

In Germany, the Website is second only to Spotify-WebRadio-even ranked first in the country. Also interesting is the article at VAUNET (click!!!), here you can read again the most important figures.

Apart from that, we are still a very young "dwarf transmitter" and who, like many others before us, still need years to make up for us so that our handset numbers will grow noticeably. Professionalism, topicality, origi-nality and quality are absolute basic prerequisites to be able to exist at all.

As far as we are concerned, we are thoroughly satisfied with the first year. What was disappointing was the start-up of Radio Domino +, whereby the visitor resonance at SoundCloud developed very positively-surprisingly!!!

As a goal or "pious" wish we are aiming for the 2018/2019 season the TOP 100 at let's see!!!

Newsletter until August 2018

May - August 2018

May and the 3 summer months has not done much new. New songs were recorded regularly and the trouble-free operation of the 3 Shoutcast channels was pushed forward. Work on Domino + channel has been temporarily discontinued.

April 2018

In the area of Shoutcast channels, we decided on the short term to continue to put them on ice!!! The listener's interest is currently equal to zero.

Happily, the audience of the channel "Radio Domino" has grown thanks to numerous Twitter posts in the USA. Overall, the number of listeners is growing slowly but steadily.

The construction of the 5th channel "RadioDomino+" at Radionomy has made great strides. We are already sending a small program with a stable signal. We are mainly heard in Germany. Until probably Easter 2019, the program of both "RadioDomino" stations will be aligned with the genres and number of titles. In addition, the "+" channel includes jingles, promos, comedy proadcasts, music mixes, etc. and is already in the planning stage-and the... 3-Languages!!! We all hope not to have charged too much work... But an attempt is worth it to us!!!

March 2018

In the area of Shoutcast channels, the well-known problems have grown up and also led to the fact that neither the sender nor the listeners have any real interest to engage there, which means that the channels are still operated but organisationally are on ice for the time being and that is why no promotion is made until the aforementioned problems are not definitively resolved-this can take time!!! The listener's interest is currently equal to zero.

Happily, the audience of the channel "Radio Domino" has grown thanks to numerous Twitter posts in the USA. Overall, the number of listeners is growing slowly but steadily further.

February 2018

Due to technical and license-related difficulties, it is only possible to send with "Radio Domino" via and with "Domino Jukebox" stable continuously via Shoutcast. The number of countries connected via Shoutcast has roughly doubled. Mainly here are the listeners from the USA and the Netherlands. After about 2 months "jam of inovations" during the music upload, about 2,000 titles of all genres were re-recorded. With stable operation, this is available on all 4 channels. The decrease in the volume of listeners, which was looming in the previous months, has been happily halted. The audience continues to rise steadily but slowly.

January 2018

In January the beta version of our website was completed and so published. In addition, three more Shoutcast channels "Radio Domino", "DominoJukebox" and "DominoBailar" have been added to the Origin channel "Radio Domino" at The main difference to the Origin channel is the advertising-free live broadcast in shuffle mode. These channels are listed via SHOUTcast worldwide and have already been heard for example in the Netherlands, Brazil, the Czech Republic, Romania and the USA.