Program concept 

Forward the most important thing ever: "All music pieces are handpicked and, if possible, original titles or very well-made replicas or cover versions of scientifically artists." Cheap rooting table ware is an absolute nogo with us. This also applies as far as we can be responsible, especially for exotic genres such as salsa, bachata, etc.. The topicality of the titles plays a subordinate role - quality is Trump, no matter how old.

In addition to the multicultural orientation of the program with different genres on the one hand and different languages on the other, it was first to focus on the issues. They were the latin dance genres and other international club music. All other musical genres should then be surrounded and partially surrendered only during the course of the program.


In order to save time during radio operation, it was clear from the outset that the music was to be presented via random generator. Thus, it is possible, to fill the individual music pots and playlists and to constantly expand them in the longer term. Boredom and endless title repetitions are actually excluded. In addition, you don't run the risk of knowing the program by heart for a few more weeks. For this reason, precisely tuned song sequences concerning pace, intros, outros and harmony are deliberately dispensed with - a death must be died in order to save time and still remain variable.


The program of a week is divided into a grid of hour-blocks for a period of time. The individual hour-blocks are then assigned to playlists... This creates the program-blocks.

The individual "pots" or playlists should be repeated twice a week in 1-2-hour program-blocks. For priority topics, such as "Salsa" 6-10 times a week. 60-70 percent of the programme will be designed using the "genre/themes" lists. The remaining 30 percent of the program completes the large pot or large list in which all available tracks are played. In this way, the listener has the possibility to selectively choose individual program-points or simply to be surprised by the large, colourful variety.

The chronological sequence of focus themes/genres or related music styles is usually always at the same time of day. This is the so-called "rule program", which is repeated every week. The exception to this is the numerous "program specials" which may override the control program. The control program can be clicked on the radio page at any time. In this case, the program specials are also displayed. 

Program specials

Due to the abundance of music genres and special themes for example for Carnival, Easter, Christmas, etc. We would have been able to build more channels. However, due to lack of money and time and lack of support, for example by further music-enthusiastic hobby radio DJ's are also at some point interpretations set. Our program has grown to more than 180 genres including sub-genres and all program places are awarded. The day has just 24 houres, we still have a private life and have to work in between.


So what the heck...... 

... this was the result of the "specials", which can be integrated according to the occasion, mood and whim. There are already some of them and we are sure that this will become more and more over time. There are no limits to the imagination at all.

Another program element is of course the live moderation/broadcast with announcement, info, etc. For this purpose, a maximum of 15 hrs/week is allowed for each transmitter. At the given hour, we will also be accepting this issue. But at the moment the time is just too short. This also wants to be well prepared, but will certainly come, because we want to invite also special guests, such as trendy DJs from the region to live performance with sufficient handset numbers. But that is really future music until further.